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In 2020, Ricky Carmichael enters his second season as the primary analyst for Monster Energy Supercross on NBC Sports. It's a position he not only didn't expect to hold, but originally didn't want. Now 40, The GOAT opens up about life after racing and striving for success in each new chapter of his life.

In Corona, CA there's a supercross legend who never rode a single lap and hasn't attended a race since 1992. But he made perhaps the biggest contribution of all to the sport: he gave the teams a place to ride.

Ronnie Lechien 1985 – Dave Dewhurst Photo

Ron Lechien deserves a spot in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. With voting for the class of 2019 beginning this month, We Went Fast makes the case for Lechien, aka "The Machine", aka "The Dogger". This profile focuses on his talent, accomplishments and especially the magical year of 1983 when the 16-year-old kid from El Cajon regularly beat the best.

A mother's love, an athlete's quest. The untold story of how Austin Forkner came into the world and his mother's journey to bring him here. Read by the author, Brett Smith

Julie Forkner prefers to spectate alone. But first, a simple ritual: before her son, Austin, climbs on his motorcycle, she gives …

1994 Anaheim Supercross. Photo by Davey Coombs

The untold story behind how Jeremy McGrath rescued a BMX trick from obscurity and brought it to Supercross.

If you don’t already have a nickname, Ernesto Fonseca will give you one. In some cases, two are required. Nicknames are more …

Blackwater 100 Dave Coombs Sr. Riders' Meeting

When opening ceremonies were complete, after the national anthem was sung and the riders’ names and sponsors were announced over the …

Kawasaki win ad from Jeff Matiasevich's 1990 Las Vegas Supercross victory

Holding his left shoulder, Jeff Matiasevich lay in an emergency room bed at a Corona, CA hospital. The thoughts running through …

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