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Ep. #15 Team USA 2001
We all remember where we were and what we were doing on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. Beyond those chilling hours…
EP. #14 Team USA 1981
Team USA was going to skip the 1981 Trophée and Motocross des Nations. Instead they bake-saled their way to Europe and shocked the world by winning, not one, but both of the events.
On Any Sunday Podcast Image
Fifty years after its release, Bruce Brown's motorcycle documentary continues to influence. From Malcolm to Masterson, this is a collection of stories from people whose lives were never the same after watching "On Any Sunday"
Podcast Lead Photo - Modem Killer
They told him not to. But when rookie James Stewart committed to jumping LaRocco's Leap on a 125, Jeff Kardas knew where to point the camera. Podcast version of "Modem Killer: James Stewart vs. LaRocco's Leap"
Was the PW50 your first bike? It was for me! "Little Giant: The PW50 Story" celebrates the life and legacy of this iconic motorcycle, which turned 40 in 2020. It may have aged but it hasn't grown up. The Yamaha PW50 is a familiar piece of our childhood that we're passing along to our own kids.
More than a third of all supercross winners won one main event in their career. These are the quirky stories behind 10 "One Hit Wonders". PODCAST VERSION.
In 2020, Ricky Carmichael started his second season as the primary analyst for Monster Energy Supercross on NBC Sports. It's a position he not only didn't expect to hold, but originally didn't want. Now 40, The GOAT opens up about life after racing and striving for success in each new chapter of his life.
Carlsbad 1984 – Dave Dewhurst Photo
Don't have 30 minutes to sit and read the Ron Lechien story? I'll read it to you! This is the audio version…
A mother's love, an athlete's quest. The untold story of how Austin Forkner came into the world and his mother's journey to bring him here. Read by the author, Brett Smith
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