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Vintage Sticker Pack


The best part of going to the races and trade shows as a kid was collecting stickers. Some of my favorites ended up on the door of dad’s beer refrigerator and toolbox. The We Went Fast Vintage Sticker Pack relives some of that magic from our youth and pays homage to a few of my favorite logos from the Golden Era of Motocross.

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Product Description

Motorcycles change. Riding styles change. Gear changes. Hell, some people don't even call it gear anymore. As the sport of motocross changes and evolves, one thing stays consistent: stickers. We loved them then, we love them now and the Vintage Sticker pack is a throwback to hot summer afternoons spent running around the pits grabbing as many decals as we could before the motos started.

We took them home and added them to our collection or stuck them on our notebooks, bicycles, lockers, bedroom walls.

The We Went Fast Vintage Sticker pack features eight different designs. Some are branded with the We Went Fast logo. Some are 21st century reproductions of logos I loved when I was a kid.

Pick up a kit today. It's a perfect, inexpensive and easy gift.

The Lineup

12 stickers total, 8 different designs

Full House: Remember the Full House apparel that Tony Distefano ran on his way to 3 AMA Pro Motocross Championships? Me too. Measurement: 3x2-in.

Jones Goggles: How about the rad Jones Goggles logo from the early 1980s? Measurement: 3x2-in.

World Champion: As factory Suzuki riders, Joel Robert and Roger DeCoster deservedly wore the iconic Motocross World Champion medallion that was so recognizable, Suzuki didn't even have to put its name on the logo. Measurement: 3-in. circle

#1 Motorcycle: Remember the number one plate Bob Hannah wore on his Yamahas in the late 70s? So do I. That's where the inspiration for the front profile of the #1 Motorcycle sticker came from. This is a transparent decal so only the black profile of the design appears. Measurement: 2.5x3.8-in.

USGP: Remember the Carlsbad USGP of Motocross logo from 1982? The refrigerator in your garage is begging for one of these stickers. Measurement: 4x3-in.

We Went Fast Favorites: The vintage sticker pack also comes with a mix of the We Went Fast-branded favorites: 3 circle logos (3-in.), 2 helmets (3-in.) and 2 horizontal logos (3x1-in.)


  1. ed ahrens

    These are a must and go anywhere. Like all WWF items, good stories and smiles happen when someone says….what’s that ?

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