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Fastivus Helmet Ornament


Celebrate Fastivus with four ounces of solid steel. It’s also the most useful ornament you’ll ever own.

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Product Description

Celebrating “Fastivus” in your house this Holiday season? Then your tree/pole/mantle is naked if it doesn’t include We Went Fast’s helmet ornament. Crafted from 1/8-in. stainless steel by renowned customer builder and metal artist Bryan Fuller, the Fastivus helmet is designed in Baltimore, MD and made in Atlanta, GA.

It might seem like a useless hunk of ordinary steel hanging from your tree. But can any of your other ornaments open a bottle of beer? Level a table? Hold down a pile of napkins? Look good hanging around your neck? It’s the only ornament that is useful the other 11 months of the year.

It’s simply the perfect stocking stuffer gift for any racing enthusiast.

Fastivus Helmet Ornament - We Went Fast