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In 1972, Terry Pratt put his life in America on pause to spend 6 months following the MXGP season. 35 years later he published "Grand Prix Motocross: The 1972 Championship season". Pratt died before he could finish selling his masterpiece but he left behind a trail of paperwork and friends and a story that needed to be told. Pratt is one of the unsung heroes of the motorcycle industry, whose contributions are still being realized.
Ronnie Lechien 1985 – Dave Dewhurst Photo
Ron Lechien deserves a spot in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. With voting for the class of 2019 beginning this month, We Went Fast makes the case for Lechien, aka "The Machine", aka "The Dogger". This profile focuses on his talent, accomplishments and especially the magical year of 1983 when the 16-year-old kid from El Cajon regularly beat the best.
Nobody cared how you looked at The Dam. Nobody cared if your bike had all the parts and pieces attached. Bruce Hawes and Doug Henry chat between motos - Photo courtesy Hawes
The story behind how a New England rock quarry shaped the career of Doug Henry, a three-time Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Champion and AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame member.
Julie spent years trying to get pregnant; her chances were low and she gave up. Then Austin Forkner came along. Julie Forkner…
1994 Anaheim Supercross. Photo by Davey Coombs
The untold story behind how Jeremy McGrath rescued a BMX trick from obscurity and brought it to Supercross.
Ryan Hughes_Steel City 1995_Steve Milbertson
Wyatt Seals needed to borrow a chain. The story behind why he needed a chain is slightly different from the one his…
Blackwater 100 Dave Coombs Sr. Riders' Meeting
When opening ceremonies were complete, after the national anthem was sung and the riders’ names and sponsors were announced over the P.A.…
Chad Reed: Anaheim 2018
The checkered flag stopped waving an hour ago but in a grassy parking lot in Tampa a crowd was still growing, Coors…
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