In 2013, a group of washed up District 14 motocross racers found themselves in an epic bench racing session over a photo one of them had posted online. The memories being shared were priceless and it made me realize this: anyone who has ever ridden or raced a dirt bike has a stash of photos and memories. This led to me digging up pictures from my childhood, sharing them with the world and asking others to do the same.

Today, We Went Fast is a place where memories are both relived and created.


We Went Fast is for fans and enthusiasts of wheels – dirt bikes, mountain bikes, BMX, MotoGP – who want to read, hear and watch stories with substance. Heck, find us a good roller derby personality and we’re in.

The aim is evergreen, thoroughly researched nonfiction stories in multiple forms of media – written, audio, visual – that leave lasting impressions.

Because we don’t want to write race recaps. More seriously, the stories that haven’t been told or nobody else is willing to tell always end up being our favorites and for 20 years have remained at the core of what we do.

We have produced television shows, documentaries, written features for magazines and websites, worked with old media, new media and emerging media and through it all, saw one common thread: the human story is always the most compelling.

We don’t dispute that! The name has a double meaning: maybe you were fast 40 years ago or maybe you were fast within the past five minutes.

Got a story idea? Is there someone you want us to profile? Are you harboring curiosities about an untold tale? Hit the button. Let’s discuss.

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